GLCD Dev Board  

GLCD Development Board for ATmega32

Our GLCD Development Board is designed to jump start graphical LCD programming for people who do not have any previous experience in the field. The hardware is tightly integrated with all our tutorials and the ProGFX driver.


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ProGFX is free and easy to use graphics engine for embedded systems. From the beginning I have designed the system to be highly modular and flexible. So my primary objectives were

Ease of use for developers using ProGFX in their project.

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  • Easy to follow user manuals with extensive images and illustration make it the best choise for beginner.
  • Simple hardware with detailed schematics and build instructions to get going at lowest cost.
  • Ready made hadrware to get started at fastest possible time and least frustration.

Ease of adding new graphical controller chip driver support.

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  • Currently Support KS0108B Chip from Samsung.

Ease of porting the ProGFX to new CPU.

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  • Currently Supports AVR ATmega32 from Atmel.
  • PIC18 Support planned.
  • ARM Cortex M3 Support (STM32) planned.

Ease of porting the end apps to new platform.

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  • End application also uses least amount of hadrware dependent codes, this makes porting easy. All you need to do is to select a HAL for your device.

Standardized hardware for easy sharing of applications from different developers.

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  • ProGFX runs on a standard hardware only ! This meas we have fixed the CPU Model, Operating Speed, and Connections (to the GLCD, the navigation keys, softkeys, and the IR Receiver.)
  • Final compiled HEX files can be shared and runned easily by the users all over the globe, since they all have compatible hardwares.

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